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Currently, the Engineering Department is recruiting for the following Project Engineer positions:

Project engineer (specialization: Information technology), Number: 03 people;
Project engineer (specialized: Electronics and telecommunications), Number: 03 people;
Project engineer (specialization: Electrical – electronics), Quantity: 03 people;
Project Engineer (Specialization: Automation), Quantity: 03 people.


Job description:

Participating in projects on system integration, providing technology transfer, and total technical solutions for telecommunications network infrastructure, electrical networks, computer networks and network security for businesses and service providers. and national backbone network;
Participating in specific projects related to areas such as: CCTV camera monitoring, face recognition, intelligent traffic (ITS), SCADA surveillance control systems for oil refineries, factories Cement Production, …
Research, develop and integrate network equipment and systems, including switches, routers, multiplexing devices, demultiplexing devices, packet filters and analyzers, line capacity monitoring devices, load balancers, firewalls, network devices SDN, SD-WAN;
Research, develop and integrate software systems used in computer networks, telecommunications networks, power networks, including SDN network device management software, VOIP software, line traffic measurement software, and other software;
Design, test and evaluate the design of electrical networks, telecommunications networks, and computer networks for corporate customers and service providers;
Deploying, installing and configuring equipment for customers within the framework of participating projects;
Work directly with experts of foreign partner firms to implement projects;
Participating in technology transfer from overseas partner firms;
Make reports, prepare documents at the request of the city/project manager and evaluate the results of project implementation;
Participate in other tasks assigned by the City/Project Manager.


Graduated from a regular college or university majoring in Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Electricity – Electronics and Automation;
Men are preferred, who have 1 to 2 years of experience in fields related to Telecommunications Equipment and Systems, Telecommunications Networks, Computer Networks, Information Technology…;
Able to listen, speak, read and write English well; Good English communication
Able to work under pressure;
Skills: Word, Excel, CAD, office informatics… proficient;
Other requirements: Will be discussed during the interview.



To enjoy full benefits according to state regulations: social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance;
Receive a fixed salary with bonus by year and by project;
Competitive salary, negotiable according to candidate’s capacity;
Participating in short-term work and training abroad depending on the project, by the company’s partners in the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, Korea and Europe;
To be facilitated for professional development, support to participate in vocational training courses (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, …);
Rapid development and promotion depending on the candidate’s ability.

Contact for submissions:

Contact: Do Tien Cuong;
Please send your resume to email:
Accept applications until the end of August 20, 2021.