Our management philosophy is to focus on developing resources and place a high value on the contribution of individuals to support the overall development of the Company. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for everyone to freely contribute their ideas to the Company.

The goals of the Company and each individual are continuously identified and clarified so that everyone can focus on their maximum efforts and the Company’s business strategy.




Creativity and flexibility are our competitive advantages. Empowering to the authorized persons shall make the decisions that strengthen that advantage. We therefore trust the decisions from each individual.  We believe that those decisions are for the best interests of the customers and the Vijatech family.

We advocate a science-oriented approach making the righ decisions. This optimal decision making process can be described as:  

1. Discussion and evaluation

2. Making the decisions

3. Selection of the leader

4. Planning and performance

5. Quick movement




Honest, open, regular and respectful face-to-face communication is welcome at all levels of the organization. Debate is fair, which enriches our decision-making process.

We believe that the regular feedback is crucial for personal growth and enhances our ability to serve the customers better. We strongly encourage timely feedback, review of work and action together. Experience and ability from evaluation and inspection are not only in the implementation of the works but also in the completion of each project.